ChartSearch is an enterprise technology company helping clients maximize their insight productivity through the use of search engine technology.  Leveraging years of experience in the global market research and information technology industries, ChartSearch has developed an innovative solution that allows clients to search for the analytical data they need. ChartSearch provides you with the business insight required to make informed decisions and offers seamless integration with all of your organization's relevant data. 

PROVIDING QUICK, EFFECTIVE AND USER-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY Would an answer to a key question help you make a winning presentation?  Is the answer hidden in your company's data, to be found only through extensive research by in-house IT business intelligence analysts or market researchers?

Discover the power of ChartSearch’s unique insight productivity solution – a natural language, real-time numerical search and analysis platform that allows you to extract just the right information and create custom charts and graphs for your own analysis or for use in winning presentations:

Make analyzing data as simple as searching the web.



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