ChartSearch gives your business users a fast and easy-to-use tool to mine your numerical data.  By providing a simple search engine user interface, it:

  • enables business users to ask for their data using natural English-language questions
  • enables analysts to focus on difficult, strategic initiatives rather than routine dashboard design
  • answers even complex analytical questions in seconds, rather than minutes or hours
  • enhances existing analytical systems with fast-and-easy ad hoc querying
  • makes using multiple data sources to answer one question as simple as executing an Internet search.

The platform provides values to:

ChartSearch for Enterprises
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Enterprises that use the ChartSearch platform to make their operational and/or 3rd-party data easily accessible.
Software Companies that integrate the platform’s analytical functionality into their systems for greater client value.
Data Suppliers that integrate the platform’s analytical functionality into their reporting systems, providing clients with fast and easy charting software.




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