Data description is a process that can be semi-automated through the ChartSearch DSML Builder application.  This is a standalone, WYSIWYG editor for DSML files.  The application is able to automatically extract information from your data sources and properly prepare the DSML file describing those data sources.

Specifically, the application can:

  • automatically extract the structural information of your underlying data,
  • make defining business-rules a simple point-and-click process,
  • make defining presentation-rules a simple point-and-click process,
  • automatically tag the DSML file with keywords taken from the CS:Lexicon,
  • validate the content and structure of your DSML file. 

The application is specifically designed to enable either IT personnel or non-IT staff to easily manage their meta-data libraries.  Below you will find several screenshots of the application:

DSML Builder Screenshot />

DSML Builder Screenshot




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