ChartSearch is actively building partnerships with companies whose clients can benefit from the ChartSearch platform.  If your clientele uses a variety of data or provides data to its own customers, then you may find them interested in the ChartSearch Platform.

Although each partnership is a custom relationship, it ensures that partners and ChartSearch can maximize shared revenue.  The relationship typically encompasses:

  • Service Training.  ChartSearch can train and certify your services organization in:
    • Data Description.  Designing, maintaining and managing DSML files.
    • API Integration. Customizing the ChartSearch platform.
  • Sales Training.  ChartSearch can provide your sales organization with collateral, documentation and training in sales techniques to market the ChartSearch platform to your clients.
  • Documentation.  Complete documentation at conceptual and technical levels, along with relevant training videos and other training resources for your internal use and for providing training to your customers.
  • Tools.  ChartSearch provides your organization with a variety of tools to help in the data description process, including:
    • DSML Builder
    • CS:Lexicon
    • SPSS Importer

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