The ChartSearch Lexicon is a software service provided by ChartSearch to automate or semi-automate the data description process. Fundamentally, the CS:Lexicon is a database of keywords, their definitions and their synonyms. You can utilize the CS:Lexicon to:
  • Automatically tag items within DSML files with relevant semantic keywords, and;
  • Teach the ChartSearch Platform your organization’s “vernacular”, teaching the system words that have special meaning for your industry or your business.

Lexicon Architecture

The CS:Lexicon is a hosted service provided by ChartSearch. ChartSearch makes available to clients its authoritative general lexicon, along with various domain-specific lexicons. However, each client can also produce their own lexicon, used for their DSML files.

Clients can access the CS:Lexicon through:

  • ChartSearch’s web-based application (see screenshot),
  • The DSML Builder application,
  • The SPSS Importer application,
  • API’s for direct integration via Java Web Services.



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